Prismacolor/Berol Colored Pencil Set - 48 pencils

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Prismacolor is recognized as the world's leading brand of professional art pencils. Artists and teachers are deeply loyal to the Prismacolor line. Prismacolor is truly the professional brand.

  • Finest pigments for richer color saturation
  • Wax-based colored pencils 
  • Soft, thick leads for easy blending and shading
  • 3.8mm leads
  • Centered leads break less and last longer
  • Strong lightfastness properties
  • Smooth laydown, won't scratch
  • Acid-free core makes these pencils perfect for artwork in memory books
  • Made with reforested California Incense Cedar wood 
  • Lacquered casing
  • Available in 120 individual colors or in sets of 12, 24, 48 and 72
  • Great for enhancing inkjet prints
UPC: 070735035981
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