Negative Supply 35mm/120 Light Source Mini

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The natural progression from the 4x5 Light Source Basic, the all-new Basic Light Source Mini is an improvement on all fronts. The Basic Light Source Mini is more compact, 4+ stops brighter than the 4x5 Light Source Basic, comes in at 97 CRI which is gret for both black & white and general purpose color film scanning, less expensive and it accepts all Negative Supply accessories such as the Basic Mounted Slide Scanning Kit and Basic Film Carrier 35 with its Stabilizing Mask. This Light is perfect for users who only scan 35mm and 120 film and need a very bright, color accurate light source that's built to last.


  • Backwards compatible with all Negative Supply accessories for 4x5 Light Source Basic
  • Illuminates an image area large enough for all formats up to 6x9 film
  • 97 CRI light rating
  • 18,000 LUX, 16+ EV rating
  • Custom in-house designed and in-house finished acrylic that increases brightness, CRI rating and improves light uniformity
  • 4 stops brighter than the 4x5 Light Source Basic and equal in brightness to the 5x7 Light Source Pro
  • Brightest, most color accurate light source on the market for film scanning in its price range
  • Aluminum top and internal plates for durable construction


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