Negative Supply Basic Kit for 120 Film Scanning With Basic Riser MK2

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Negative Supply Basic Kit for 120 Film Scanning With Basic Riser MK2. Created for lovers 120 film, you can affordably jump into the world of film scanning with this comprehensive kit! Starring the Basic Film Carrier 120, it includes a solid copy stand and an excellent light source, setting you up nicely to scan medium format film at home, on the go, or in the studio!



  • Basic Film Carrier 120: Quickly and easily scan up to 6 cm. x 9 cm. negatives in a single capture. Guarantees film flatness with a magnetic hinge mechanism, full rolls can be scanned in 60 seconds or less.

  • 4x5 Light Source Basic (99 CRI - includes international power supply): Light source specifically designed for scanning photographic film for 35mm up through 4x5. Compact and bright, this is a great light pad for both color and black and white film.

  • Basic Riser MK2: This stand features an all aluminum construction with a solid metal base, and adds 3” of verticality allowing you to scan larger formats with the same stand or to use longer macro lenses.



  • Scan cut strips or full rolls of 120 film

  • Scans up to 6 cm. x 9 cm. film in a single capture

  • Scan full image area

  • Scan 6x12cm or larger film in 2 captures to easily scan panoramic formats

  • Scan full rolls in 60 seconds or less

  • Keeps film perfectly flat for sharp scans

  • Affordable starting point for the Negative Supply film scanning system

  • Works well with the Basic Riser MK1 and 4x5 Light Source Basic





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