Negative Supply Premium Curated Kit for 35mm and 120 Size Film Scanning

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35mm and 120 film scanning faster and better than ever - the Premium Curated Kit is back!

Knowing many photographers are totally new to the concept of scanning film with a digital camera, we’ve composed this one-stop solution to cover the most demanded formats and sizes of film. The Premium Curated Kit compiles the highlights of the core components and accessories for the most ubiquitous film formats, 35mm and 120 (medium format).

This kit now has the Pro Film Carrier 35 MK2 and Pro Film Carrier 120 MK2 which allow for expanded coverage of alternative formats, provide for flatter and smoother film advance, and offer professional build quality alongside uncompromising performance. We plan to offer film scanning cassettes and film roller modules for every roll film format produced since 1899.

The included Pro Riser MK3 copy stand is capable of supporting up to digital medium format systems, and has enough height to scan 4x5 film with a 105mm full frame equivalent lens and 35mm and 120 film with nearly any other camera and lens combination imaginable.

With support for the two most popular film formats, 35mm and 120, right out of the box with optional accessories that can expand to nearly any other roll film format, the Premium Curated Kit is a blend of the most popular tools that Negative Supply has to offer.

The Pro Film Carrier 35 MK2 supports half frame, standard 35mm, and panoramic formats and includes the 35mm Full Border Scanning Cassette. The full border cassettes that allow you to scan beyond the sprocket holes almost out to the very edge of the negative.

The Pro Film Carrier 120 MK2 supports all standard 120 formats with masks from 6x4.5cm up to 6x9cm and also includes the 120 Full Border Scanning Cassette with it’s own complement of masks.

The Premium Curated Kit is a compilation of all everything you need to scan 35mm and 120 film quickly and easily.


  • Pro Film Carrier 35 MK2: This is the choice for 35mm film carriers. Not only does it feature a metal design with interchangeable internal cassettes and roller modules but it also comes with guides to scan standard 35mm negatives, panoramic negatives and half frame negatives. Smooth and consistent film advance is guaranteed with your CNC machined aluminum film advance knob. Scans full rolls or strips of 35mm film with ease.
  • Pro Film Carrier 120 MK2: Empowering you to scan a roll of 120 film in as fast as 60 seconds (or faster), the Pro Film Carrier 120 MK2 is one of the best offerings. Allowing full size scans of 6x4.5, 6x6 6x7, and 6x9 film all with included masks and ensuring sharpness with our double s-curve design. This tool guarantees sharp, consistent, and fast scanning results. Scans full rolls or strips of 120 film with ease.
  • Light Source Mini: Designed with 35mm and 120 film in mind, the Light Source Mini is created for the most demanding users who require a bright, evenly-illuminated, and durable light source with a high degree of color accuracy in a smaller, less expensive form factor.
  • Pro Riser MK3: The Pro Riser MK3 is the most solid copy stand to scan all conventional film formats (up to 8x10 film). It can support the heaviest of setups and is our most advanced copy stand to date, featuring a solid metal construction and a host of compelling features.
  • Pro Mount MK2 with the anti-static brush and 35/120 adapter plates and leg extension kit: An indispensable tool and the core of this kit when matched with the Pro Film Carrier 35 MK2 and Pro Film Carrier 120 MK2. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between film carriers, adds leveling feet capabilities, dust removal features, masks extraneous light, and more.
  • Pro Film Carrier MK2 Hood Combo: The Scanning Hoods for the film carriers reduce stray light than can cause ghosting and other artifacts when scanning film in well lit rooms or with overhead lights on. These are popular and immensely helpful.
  • 120 Full Border Scanning Cassette: Get those coveted borders on 120 film out to the film rebate by using this accessory. Scans 100% of the film and rebate area, critical for archival purposes or aesthetic reasons.
  • 35mm Full Border Scanning Cassette: With this cassette you can scan beyond the sprocket holes and get the full film rebate for archival or aesthetic purposes.


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