Negative Supply 4x5 Pro Mount MK2 Scanning Kit With ANR Glass

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Negative Supply 4x5 Pro Mount MK2 Scanning Kit With ANR Glass


Scanning 4x5 inch sheet film has always been time consuming with flatbed scanners and very expensive with drum scanning options. Our 4x5 Film Holder Scanning Kit changes the narrative by offering film photographers an easier way to work that’s straightforward and allows nearly instant results by using a digital camera for capture.

Product update: We’ve updated our thumb screws to a precision machined part that facilitates the quick exchange from your 4x5 Film Holder to our other exciting tools.


4x5 Film Holder Scanning Kit includes:

  • Pro Mount MK2
  • 4x5 Film Holder
  • 2x sheets of 4.25x5.25 ANR glass
  • Set of M4 Machined Thumb Screws



  • Fast scanning of 4x5 film
  • Keeps film incredibly flat for optimal sharpness by using 2 sheets of ANR glass
  • Pro Mount MK2 adds precision leveling feet to ensure a level film scanning plane
  • Use this kit to scan short strips or single frames of 35mm or 120 film, for which the Film Carrier MK1 and Film Carrier 120 are not optimized



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