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Negative Supply Light Source 35

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The all-new Negative Supply Light Source 35 is an ultra bright light source capable of illuminating up to 35mm film with perfect uniformity and a high, 97+ CRI rating for high color accuracy. The Light Source 35 is for lovers of the most ubiquitous format available, beginners just getting into film photography or just for people who need a really great light to scan some of their 35mm family archives.

Don’t let its small size deceive you. While being only slightly larger than the Basic Film Carrier 35 MK2, it still features everything that makes the next generation light sources great: In-house customized and finished acrylic that drastically increases brightness, boasts improved light uniformity, and preserves incredibly high CRI for accurate color and tonal reproduction. It’s small but mighty.

The Negative Supply Light Source 35 represents a love for the most ubiquitous film format ever, 35mm. Designed for 35mm film, the Light Source 35 is created for users scanning 35mm (and smaller) requiring a solid, cost effective light source with a high degree of color accuracy and brightness.

Developed just for the Light Source 35, Negative Supply have designed various adapter plates for their film carriers to be used directly on the light source. They also designed this light source with travel in mind. A robust build rounds out the Light Source 35 making it ideal for someone who scans at home and needs to pack away their tools after each scanning session or even users who want to travel with their setup and want a tough, compact, reliable light source they can scan with on the go.

As a result of recent product innovation, this light source comes with a custom designed and in-house finished internal acrylic that drastically increases brightness, improves CRI rating, and boasts perfect light uniformity. Lastly, this light is powered via an included USB cable. You will need to provide your own USB block or use your computer to power the light source.


  • Brightest Light Source in the Negative Supply portfolio
  • Improved carbon composite construction for rigidity
  • Illuminates an image area large enough for all formats up to panoramic 35mm film
  • 97 CRI guaranteeing high color accuracy
  • Custom in-house designed and in-house finished acrylic that increases brightness, CRI rating, and improves light uniformity
  • Ideal for users of any skill level from beginner to advanced user
  • Optional accessories for other Negative Supply 35mm film carriers
  • Robust construction ideal for travel or setup and storage
  • USB power cable included (USB block for wall power not included)


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