Negative Supply 8x10 Light Source Pro CRI 95

  • $1,899.00

Introducing: 8x10 Light Source Pro 95 CRI - Bigger & Brighter!

Note: This is a special order, and as such orders cannot be cancelled and this item cannot be returned. 

The 8x10 Light Source Pro is the final step to building your comprehensive Negative Supply 8x10/large format film scanning system. This light is bigger and more powerful than our current 5x7 Light Source Pro, and in addition adds several unique features.

Features at a glance:

Incredibly bright light output to guarantee shutter speeds at least 5 full stops faster than comparable offerings

Fully fan cooled chassis guaranteeing a cool workflow while keeping the light source incredibly bright

Modular internal light panel that’s upgradable (by us) in the future

Secondary switch allowing you to toggle between the entire light being on or a reduced area more appropriate for 4x5 film scanning

Perfect for scanning all formats of film up through 8x10

Which CRI (Color Rendering Index) is best for you?

CRI (aka Color Rendering Index) is essentially a measure of a light’s accuracy. In this case, the higher the color rendering index, the more true to life your color film scans will be, both for color negative (C-41) and color positive (E6) film. 95 CRI is a good all-purpose choice, especially for those working predominantly with black and white film. 


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