Paper Shoot Camera 18MP - Old Lomo Black

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The Paper Shoot is known for being one of the most unique, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to film on the market.

Founded on the principles of creativity, design, and sustainability, the Paper Shoot is recognized as one of the unique camera products worldwide. A simplistic digital point-and-shoot, the Paper Shoot combines the aesthetic and experience of film photography with the convenience of digital to provide an unmatched photography experience.

The Old Lomo Black camera has the coolness of a thrifted 90’s leather blazer. It’s Johnny and Winona in the peak of their romance. Old Lomo Black intimidates other Paper Shoot Cameras simply because of how cool it is.

The Paper Shoot is entirely digital! It runs on AAA rechargeable batteries and SD cards. Using the USB-C cable that comes with your camera, you can recharge your camera whenever and continually empty and reuse your SD card, meaning you can take unlimited photos. 


  • 1 Camera Board
  • 1 Stone Paper Case
  • 1 Paper Neck Wrap
  • 1 USB-C Cable
  • 2 plastic & 2 brass fasteners


  • 18MP - 4896x3672
  • Sensor - 1/3
  • Aperture - variable up to F/22
  • ISO - 100-3200

Requires 2 AAA batteries (rechargeable recommended) and 1 SD Card - not included.

UPC: 833796000059
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