Beseler 23CIII-XL Black and White VC Variable Contrast Enlarger

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The Beseler 23CIII-XL series of enlargers are in many ways similar to Beseler's 45 line. The 23CIII-XL's three different lamp houses are all interchangeable on its newly-redesigned chassis, which features a new innovative stage control and rack-and-pinion elevation.

With well over half a million Beseler 23C's having been purchased since it was first introduced in 1955, the American made 23C is unquestionably the world's favorite medium format enlarger. Many have been in near continuous use by schools, government agencies and businesses. Countless others have been handed down from father to son, to granddaughter, like the well-loved family possession that it has become. 

Very few products have proven to be as reliable as has the venerable Beseler 23C. It has become an indispensable tool to those who enjoy the creative aspects of photography, those in pursuit of the pleasure and the satisfaction of knowing that they truly "created" the final image and who want to be in complete control of every aspect of the process. 

The Variable Contrast light source that is supplied with this enlarger features simple, one knob adjustment for continuously variable contrast of -0 to +5. This versatile light source also permits the user to store and to retrieve the contrast characteristics of up to three different brands or types of V-C paper in individually selectable channels. The light source is interchangeable with the Dichro 23 color head (8132-02) and with condenser lamp house (8130). 

The extraordinarily rigid, extra-long twin-girder construction of the 23Clll-XL helps to reduce transient vibrations, which can detract from image sharpness. The lens stage can be tilted to create special effects or for distortion correction and the projection assembly can be tilted up to 90 degrees. To assure optimum performance, skilled technicians at the factory carefully align every 23C, using the most up-to-date laser technology. If it can be done with an enlarger, the 23C can probably do it with ease.

Included Items 

  • Enlarger chassis 
  • Variable Contrast light source
  • Baseboard


  • Format: 35mm to 6x9cm
  • Baseboard size: 16" x 25.5"
  • Maximum column height: 54" (Variable Contrast Diffusion Lamphouse)
  • Lamp: Uses ESJ Lamp - 85 watt / 82 volt - (included)
  • Interchangeable lamphouses
  • Positive lens and negative stage controls for easy and precise alignment
  • Rugged twin column construction for twice the support
  • Extra long girder for bigger enlargements on the baseboard
  • Oversized laminated baseboard
  • Projection Assembly tilts for wall projection
  • Lamphouses contain built in power supply
  • Quality die-cast construction

Lens, lensboard, and negative carriers are not included and is necessary to complete this item. 


Enlarger Type B&W Variable Contrast
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