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Cinestill F96 BW + Bleach Bypass Rapid Fixer Powder - 1 Liter

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The only Powder Rapid Fixer for any paper or film but optimized for T-grain films!

Cinestill's F96 B&W + Bleach Bypass Rapid Fixer Powder is the world’s only powder rapid fixer also happens to be the most potent. So potent in fact that you have to further dilute 1 liter of working solution to 2 liters in order to match liquid concentrate rapid fixers. We use the purest ammonium thiosulfate agents to fix your film and make it archival in record time. Just add water!

Reusable solution fixes 24+ rolls of B&W or color film and can be diluted to make 1-2 liters of working solution fixer for the traditional 2-bath B&W process or Bleach-Bypass color process.

Bleach bypass is a process of either a partial and skipping the step of bleaching during processing of color films. By doing this, silver is retained int eh emulsion along with color dyes. The result is a black and white image over a color image. The images usually have reduced saturation along with increased contrast and graininess. 

T-grain films and bleach bypassed color film require Rapid Fixer (ammonium thio) to fully clear the color dyes. Standard cubic-grain films finish fixing in as little as 1-2 minutes! Washing of films is also exceedingly fast, due to the rapid absorption rates of ammonium thiosulfate in emulsions. 


  • 1 liter of working strength rapid fixer fixer solution fixes 24+ rolls of 135-36 black & white films or 80 sheets of 8x10in resin coated (RC) prints or 40 x 20.3x25.4cm (8x10in) fibre based (FB) prints.
  • Wash films in running water for 5–10 minutes at a temperature within 5°C (10°F) of the process temperature.
  • Film clearing time: In order to avoid the risk of insufficient fixing, film should remain in the fixer for twice the time it takes the emulsion to visibly clear. Used fixer should be discarded when film isn’t visibly clear in twice the time as with fresh fixer. The clearing time of a film and fixer combination can be found by the following method. Take a piece of scrap unprocessed film and place a drop of the working strength fixer on to part of the emulsion side. Time how long it takes until the emulsion under the drop is a clear spot, this should take around 15-45 seconds. The time taken for the film to clear is the clearing time. The fixing time needed is double the clearing time.



EAN: 4260243552520
Chemical Type Fixer
Liquid/Powder Powder
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