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AGO Film Processor with Two-Reel Paterson Tank

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Expected: Jun 28, 2024
Mfg: AGO
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AGO Film Processor - Film Developing Made Easy!

The AGO Film Processor from Vintage Visual is the first processor to use time compensation instead of temperature regulation to ensure proper development. Develop black and white, C-41, E-6, and ECN-2 films in the comfort of your home - or anywhere you take your AGO. 

Easily develop color film with temperature-adjusted time compensation algorithms - allowing you more flexibility. Save time and get consistent results with automated agitation. Save up to 60% on chemicals using rotary-style processing, instead of vertical or inversion agitation.

The AGO comes with a variety of popular chemical kit brands pre-programmed to deal with temperature fluctuations, but utilizing the Wi-Fi connections using AGO web usr-interface makes it possible for you to add your own programs or download new ones supplied by Vintage Visual in the future.

Battery powered (USB-C charging port) with up to 5 hours of constant work without charging. 

The AGO is compatible with all Paterson Super System 4 developing tanks.

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  • AGO Film Processor
  • Paterson Super System 4 developing tank (PTP115) - for two 35mm or one 120 roll
  • 2 reels
  • Rear Stand
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instructions


Time Compensation

AGO is equipped with a temperature sensor and clever algorithm which adjusts time according to the temperature of the chemicals, giving you more flexibility. 

You no longer need to meticulously maintain the chemical temperature; you just pour in the chemicals within the right temperature range. AGO takes care of the rest by continuously monitoring the temperature and automatically adjusting the processing time during the process, guaranteeing consistently perfect negatives every time.

Automated Agitation

Featuring both horizontal rotational and vertical stick agitation modes, while we typically recommend the rotational mode for its chemical efficiency and compatibility with time compensation. You have the flexibility to adjust the default agitation speed and intervals for both agitation modes according to your personal preferences.

Reduced Chemical Consumption

With rotational agitation you can save up to 60% on chemicals depending on your use case and the size of Paterson tank you decide to use vs. traditional vertical or inversion agitation.

WiFi connectivity

You can connect to your AGO with Wi-Fi to modify and create your own programs for processes and keep the software updated. 


  • 35mm
  • Medium Format (120)
  • 4x5 Large Format (with a PTP116 tank and the AGO 4x5 Reel)
  • 8x10 Large Format (with a PTP117 tank and the AGO Paper Reel 5)


  • Black & White
  • C-41
  • E-6
  • ECN-2 

Designed in Estonia




EAN: 4745011037619
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