Discoveries of a Lifetime
by Bruce Barnbaum

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Discoveries of a Lifetime is Bruce Barnbaum’s Magnum Opus, the crowning publication of his career.

This exquisite hardcover book features 153 never before seen black-and-white images, all reproduced by the finest printing press in Germany, each on its own page with a caption on the facing page. The captions, together with eleven longer essays, placed throughout the book, will make you think, make you laugh, and make you smile. This is not just a coffee table art book - it is a deep dive into far more.

In 2019 Bruce decided to review all of his black and white images made since the start of his career in 1970 - thinking that one or two good ones may have been overlooked and needed resurrection. To his amazement, not just one or two, but one after another became worthy candidates. Printing them in today’s modern darkroom, with today’s dramatically improved enlarging papers (and Bruce’s expanded interpretive skills since his earlier days) produced a string of exceptional photographs.

It prompted the question: what can be done with all of the new imagery? A book came to mind, but an unusual one because it would consist of images never previously published nor displayed. As the review continued throughout 2020 and into 2021 and beyond, and additional images emerged from the darkroom, the need for captions became apparent, not just captions that expanded on the imagery, but often went far beyond the image in question.

And those captions prompted further thoughts about photography, about life, and about a wide range of topics of utmost importance to Bruce and all of his fellow inhabitants of this magical planet we call Earth.  Those thoughts turned into the longer essays placed throughout the book.

What began as a search for a few overlooked images turned into a major project vastly larger in scope. It became a set of discoveries of a lifetime of photographic work, and further revelations about much more beyond photography.

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