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KONO!RAMA Effect Filters for Fuji Instax® Square - 3 Pack - SPECIAL PRICE!

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KONO! Manufaktur presents: KONO!RAMA, The World's First Effect Layer for your Instant Photography!

KONO!, the creators of the "Reanimator" and known for their outlandish films now bring their effects to instant film with KONO!RAMA. KONO!RAMA effect filters are easy to use - just stick on your Fuji Instax® cartridge and shoot normally to get the chosen effect. It is reusable and works with Fuji Instax® films.

The 3-Pack includes Filter Sets No. 1, 2, and 3 for INSTAX SQUARE film.

KONO!RAMA No.1 includes 3 different effect filters for your Instax® film.

Austin brings colorful splashes of color to your images and the world immediately appears in a more cheerful light. Due to the overlapping circles, new shades of color are mixed with the background. 

Raindrops has the blues to express your mood. Show others your world, through a window pane full of raindrops and melancholy on a sunny day.

Northern Lights is the most complex effect of the No.1 filters. This layer responds very variable, some even say unpredictable, depending on the backgrounds and light incursions. From a very subtle mere hint to surprisingly very strong effects, every-thing is possible. The whole picture is given a certain elegance and a quality look.

KONO!RAMA No.2 includes 3 different effect filters for your Instax® film.

Shadow Play: A classic, silent movie look. Make modern photos look vintage with a shadow play of vignettes and charming wear marks. 

Checked: Fancy a game of chess? This effect divides your photo into shiny and matte areas that create an interesting depth. Ideally suited for landscape and architectural photography. 

Puzzeled: The fastest puzzle in the world and all the pieces fit. Just Stick & Shoot and you‘ve already solved your unique puzzle.

KONO!RAMA No.3 includes 3 different effect filters for your Instax® film.

Umbrella uses the layer to create an intense play of colors and geometrical forms, shining over the entire image. Strong, powerful and cheerful, this umbrella doesn’t protect you from the rain but from boredom.

Sweets adds a touch of pink with this layer and the whole world will change. High saturation, smooth contrasts and all shades of this special tint are just some of the features. Back to the 50`s anyone?

Candy Stripes: So pretty in mint. And pink. Let the light fall through these delicious lines and experience the colors of the stripes changing from minty green to raspberry pink.

Pep up your Instant!


  • Reusable
  • Easy to handle – just stick and shoot
  • Works with Fuji Instax® Instant Film 
  • For best results, use in sunny location 


Instax® is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation

Filter Type Special Effect
instruction KONO!RAMA
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