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KONO! BOO! ISO 200 35mm x 24 exp. Halloween Special Horror Film - Color Film

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KONO! BOO! ISO 200 35mm x 24 exp. Halloween Special Horror Film

Let the ghosts dance over your photos, bats flutter through the picture and creepy pumpkin heads laugh mischievously as you run into a cobweb and shoot the best photos of your Halloween night. Pre exposed icons: Ghosts, bats, pumpkins, cobwebs

Things that go bump in the night…

The spooky creatures may hide in the sunlight but the darker and scarier the night becomes; the more creepiness shows up in your photos. And never forget, every day is Halloween! BOO!

The darker the background, the stronger the effect.

Stock up on the ultimate KONO! Effect film BOO! for your Halloween night now!

This KONO! film is proudly spooled in refurbished cartridges.


  • Pre exposed 35mm film, DX coded
  • Pre exposed icons: Ghosts, bats, pumpkins, cobwebs
  • 24 exp., ISO 200, Color Negative Film, C-41
  • Any lab can develop KONO! Films

The KONO Manufaktur® journey started in 2014 with the crazy dream of starting a small film company from scratch. They developed and built their own machinery to remove the remjet layer of legendary movie film stock and their first two films were born, Rotwild and Kolorit 400T. A lot has happened since then, including launching many other films like the KONO! Delight Medium Format films, the KONO! Original line, co-founded the peel-apart ONE INSTANT project, worked with Svema to produce unique B&W films, and invented the KONO!RAMA filters for Instax® film cameras. Each product is handmade and carefully packaged in Germany.



UPC: 794775615421
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 24 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 200 ISO
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