KONO! Monolit ISO 100 35mm x 36 exp.

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Launched in 2014, KONO! is an European analogue photographic company currently developing a range of creative 35mm films. Most KONO! films are based on obscure stock originally intended for shooting motion pictures, scientific purposes or anyplace else where photosensitive emulsions were used. Despite their outlandish origins, all films were treated in a way that they can be developed at standard mini labs. 

KONO! Monolit 100 is a 35mm, B&W, panchromatic film with a speed of ISO 100. Following a time honored recipe, this motion picture stock gives your pictures this unmistakable European cinema aesthetic.

Produced for KONO! with technical assistance by Svema.


  • Black and white film
  • ISO 100
  • Any lab is able to develop the film


EAN: 0619317999671
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 36 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 100 ISO
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