Fotospeed WT10 Warm Tone B&W Paper Developer 1 Liter

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Fotospeed WT10 is a warm tone print developer.

WT10 maintains contrast and vibrancy of your image but gives it a warm tone. The resulting warmth is controlled through dilution strength – more dilution means more warmth. It has great capacity and a long shelf life.

Dilute WT10 1+9 with water to make the recommended working solution. Adjust as needed.


Process for at least 90 seconds for both RC and FB material. For fixing, Fotospeed recommends using FX20 fixer at 1+4 dilution - at least 30 seconds for RC and 60 seconds for FB. Wash thoroughly.


WT10 will keep in good condition for at least one year in sealed containers. Working solution will keep for several days in tightly capped bottles with the minimum of air.


  • Warm tone print developer
  • Maintains contrast and vibrancy
  • Warmth adjusted by dilution with max dilution and warmth at 1+19
  • Good capacity and long shelf life
  • Dilute: 1+9 recommended


EAN: 5021636022308
Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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