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X-Rite i1Photo Pro 3 Plus Color Management

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Mfg: X-Rite
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The X-Rite i1Photo Pro 3 Plus is designed for photographers who are looking for perfectly accurate color in RGB print workflows, especially on more challenging glossy and textured photo media. i1Photo Pro 3 Plus combines world-class hardware and software to deliver the ultimate professional level color management for photo pros.

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus calibrates and profiles multiple displays, projectors, scanners, RGB printers and cameras with the included camera profiling software and ColorChecker Classic Mini target.


  • i1Pro 3 Spectrophotometer with large aperture (8mm) providing more accurate results with better repeatability. Designed for imaging and print professionals who need consistency with calibration and profiling capabilities, i1Pro 3 provides the ability to quickly and efficiently create color profiles on a wide variety of substrates, resulting in the highest level of color accuracy in the industry
  • Polarizing filter for improved profiles on textured and glossy photo media to reduce unwanted specular highlights, enhance blacks for better shadow detail and get richer colors on unique surfaces
  • LED illumination enables increased reliability with single scan M0, M1, M2, and M3, saving time and improving accuracy
  • Supports profiling of transmissive (backlit) materials in RGB printer workflow
  • 5000 nit support for calibrating and profiling high brightness displays
  • Larger Ruler to accommodate the larger patches when printing on wide format paper
  • ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software and Target for producing custom camera profiles that work exceptionally well for Raw workflows, even in unusual artificial light sources
  • PANTONE® Color Manager. Easily capture and manage spot colors, and keep your PANTONE libraries up to date with this color palette creation and swatch bridging software
  • i1Profiler Software for Monitors, Projectors, Scanners and RGB Printers.
    The latest release of i1Profiler software features basic and advanced modes for professionally calibrated and profiled monitors projectors, scanners and RGB printers (for both reflective and emissive materials)

i1Photo Pro 3 Plus includes:

  • i1Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer
  • i1Profiler software
  • ColorChecker Camera Calibration software
  • ColorChecker Classic Mini target
  • Pantone Color Manager software
  • ColorTRUE mobile app


EAN: 7640111923053
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