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Arista Premium Liquid Paper Developer
64 oz. (Makes 2.5-5 Gallons)

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Arista Premium Liquid Paper Developer is a phenidone-based print developer that can achieve pure blacks, bright whites, and a great tonal range. Conveniently provided in liquid form for easy mixing, it produces a smooth continuous curve with a normal contrast level. It is non-staining and contains no metol. Arista Premium Paper Developer can be used for machine processing - replenish when needed with working solution at 0.15 ml per square inch of paper processed.

Dilution recommendation starts at 1:4, but can be mixed up to 1:9 for super economical use. Higher dilution will require longer developing times and results, including contrast, are likely to change.


UPC: 614572068728
Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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