Beseler Printmaker 67 Condenser Enlarger Kit incl. Lens and Carrier

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Mfg: Beseler

This is a kit, please see included items listed below. For just the enlarger, please see item #67670.

The Beseler Printmaker 67 is an excellent choice for those who are using 120 film (and 35mm) and allows for film frame sizes of up to 6x7. It is a condenser enlarger for use in making Black and White prints, contact sheets, making enlarged negatives for contact printing, and other wet darkroom processes.

The Printmaker’s compact size makes it perfect for small, temporary, and/or portable darkrooms. It can produce prints up to 11 in x 14 in, on the baseboard (much larger when reversing the column and projecting on the floor). Features include a focus knob, which can be attached for either left or right handed use, a built in elevation scale, and a below-the-lens filter holder.

Use of a darkroom timer is strongly recommended, for proper control of the enlarger's lamp. Graded Contrast papers can be used without filters. It requires 3.5 in x 3.5 in contrast filters (in the built-in filter drawer), for use with Variable Contrast papers.

This item # is a KIT, and comes with the following items, in addition to the enlarger, itself:

  • (1) 50mm Beseler Lens (#8650)
  • (1) 39mm Lensboard (#6723)
  • (1) 35mm Negative Carrier (#6737)
  • (1) Jam Nut (#8095) - In box with lens
  • (1) Red Safety Filter (#18040)


  • 35mm up to 120 size film (6x7 max frame size)
  • Condenser Lamp House
  • Maximum Height - 39.5 in
  • Baseboard Size - 14 in (w) x 19 in (d)
  • Maximum Print Size (on baseboard) - 11 in x 14 in
  • Internal Filter Drawer for 3.5 in x 3.5 in filters
  • Bulb - PH 140 (included)
  • Reversible Column
  • 120v


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