Adox D-76 B&W Film Developer Dust Free Powder - Makes 5 Liters

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D-76 is a universal, easy-to-use developer with a multitude of applications with the most different films and contrast situations, consistently delivering fine grain and great exposure utilization. 

The Kodak “Developer-76” recipe is the ultimate classic, earning almost universal recognition as the go-to developer for photojournalistic work during the WWII and post war era. The large post-war black and white reports were developed in D-76 in the West, while F19 was used in the East and ID11 in England. All of these developers are based on Kodak's D-76 recipe.

ADOX took the classical formula and, while keeping all the important original properties and developing times, brought it up to the modern standards, designed to be more environmentally friendly and safer for the user. This is the first recipe change in over 50 years. Additionally, the solubility has been improved so that it can now be used from 27°C (80° F). The results and usability are identical to the old recipe.

The new ADOX D-76 has significantly lower dissolving temperatures, as well as the Captura® technology that allows dust-free mixing. Additionally, all the borates were removed and replaced with a non-toxic biodegradable buffer. The ADOX D-76 powder developer is made in Germany, with both research and post-production quality control done on site. It is available in packs to make 1 liter and 5 liters.



  • A new biodegradable complexing agent has been added. It can be mixed with regular tap water
  • ADOX Captura® is added so that the powder dissolves faster and does not create dust on the batch 
  • It is soluble from 27°C (80° F) so that less cooling is required after the batch.  This improvement is particularly relevant for warmer areas
  • With the sale of the Kodak chemicals division to Chinese investors in 2020, ADOX has started a program to "secure the availability" of the legendary Kodak photo chemicals. ADOX analyzes the recipes and brings them up to a modern standard 



  • ADOX D-76 developer can be used exactly like the Kodak D-76, with existing D-76 times, dilutions and factors
  • First dissolve contents while stirring in 800ml of warm water at 27-29 °C (80 °F - 84 °F) temperature then fill to 1000ml (1 liter)
  • Working solution capacity estimated at 10-16 35mm rolls


EAN: 4260243555156
Chemical Type BW Film Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
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