SP-645 4x5 Developing Tank with Three Holders

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Finally, a simple, easy to load system for processing 4x5 sheet film!

The SP-645 Developing Tank, from the designers at Stearman Press, is the larger version of the SP-445 - the most popular 4x5 inversion processing tank available!

The SP-645 processing system is the easiest system for processing 6 sheets of 4x5 film and uses the least amount of chemicals - only 20 ounces of solution needed.

Learn more: Intro to SP-445


  • Process up to six sheets of 4x5 film at a time.
  • Uses only 20 oz (575ml) of solution
  • Daylight safe
  • Fills and drains quickly
  • Inversion agitation, Stand development or anything in-between
  • Built-in liquid level indicators
  • Easy use of a thermometer during processing
  • Rugged ABS/PC plastic
  • Industry standard O-ring seal
  • Set includes: tank, lid, three film holders, baffle set, two caps and O-ring

Notes: You cannot use an SP-445 lid on the SP-645 Max since the hold down tabs have to be modified!

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