Vlads Test Target 120 Format

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The Vlads Test Target is printed on a high resolution film that will help you align and fine tune your digital camera scanning rig to get the most from your priceless negatives and slide. The Classic USAF 1951 have been strategically placed in the center, corners and sides of the frames to allow the photographer to check the focus and alignment reliably and quickly. This newly updated version have extra Siemens stars to aid with focusing and alignment. The resolution table have been placed on the film directly. The overall density of the frame has been lowered to help in-camera exposure measurement. The grid of dots helps track the distortions during the scanning.

The 120 format for 6x6cm, 6x7cm and 6x9cm targets each have 10 USAF 1951 patterns and 4 full Siemens stars. Across two adjacent frames, the placement of elements allows to mimic any frame size from 6x4.5cm to 6x12cm including panorama shots.

These strips have exceptional sharpness and resolution consistency from the edge to the center to the edge. The film is naturally flat, extremely fine-grained, free of curling and is very easy to handle.


  • Classic USAF 1951 with added Siemens stars
  • 120 format high resolution film strip
  • Lower exposure density to help in-camera exposure
  • Max resolution of 27-30 lp/mm
  • Properly aligns digital camera for scanning flat films or prints
  • Can also be used to align and check focus for enlargers


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