Polaroid i-Type and I-2 Round Retinex Edition Film

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Red? Orange? Yellow? Umm, why not all three at once? With Polaroid Round Frame Retinex Film, color gets weird. Seriously weird.

Inspired by Edwin Land's pioneering Retinex Theory, these 10 unique frame designs (in a double pack of 16 photos) make your eyes and brain get tricksy as you interpret the red dot differently, depending on the surrounding colors.

Capture the world in a new, vibrant light. Your journey into uncharted realms of color creativity begins here.


  • Color instant film
  • Round frame
  • 16 photos per double pack (8 shots per pack)
  • Battery-free film
  • ASA/ISO 640
  • Development time of 10-15 minutes
  • Compatible with Polaroid I-2, Now Generation 1 and 2, Polaroid Now+ Generation 1 and 2, Polaroid Lab, OneStep 2 and OneStep+


EAN: 9120096775604
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