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LegacyPro Paint Can Pinhole Camera

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The Legacypro Paint Can Pinhole Camera is simply that – a pinhole camera made from a paint can. This easy-to-use object is perfect for teaching students a variety of things about the science behind the camera obscura effect and how to make photographs with very little technology – plus, they’re also just a lot of fun!

Each camera is equipped with the following: - A Can (with a Lid - those are important!) - A Pinhole opening, drilled for an f-stop of f/125. - A Magnet for use as your shutter (1”x3” white strip found inside can when unboxing). 


  • Paint can with lid 
  • Pinhole opening (approx. f/125)
  • 1" x 3" magnet shutter
  • Detailed instructions 
  • Recommended for use with 4" x 5" HARMAN Direct Positive (item #1171158)
  • Can also be used with B&W enlarging paper, Ortho Litho film, and 4x5 film
  • Made in USA

Recommended materials

  • Black & White POSITIVE Paper, like HARMAN Direct Positive, is IDEAL for use with pinhole cameras, as the resulting image is an actual positive photograph, with no steps outside normal processing. The quart size can fits a sheet of 4”x5” paper perfectly. This is the simplest process for beginners and these papers can be loaded under normal safelight conditions.
  • Black & White ENLARGING Paper, traditional B&W paper, is used to make a NEGATIVE image (designed to make a positive, from negative camera film). When used inside a pinhole camera, the negative image is your final result, without any extra steps, outside normal processing. It is possible to use the negative print you create in the camera as a “paper negative” for contact printing onto another sheet of enlargement paper, which results in a positive print.
  • Ortho Litho Film, like Arista Ortho 3.0, is used to make a NEGATIVE image (when using a NEGATIVE film, the image result is a POSITIVE). Ortho film is ideal for making multiple prints of the same image, as the negative created can be used for enlarging and contact printing. Ortho film’s sensitivity and safelight needs are similar to that of B&W Positive and Enlarging papers. 4x5 Film - Black & White / Color Negative (C-41) / Slide (E-6) - can be used, as well. However, due to the comparatively high sensitivity versus B&W enlarging / positive papers / Ortho Film, they take considerably less time to expose and require to be loaded in total darkness.
  • When using B&W and C-41 (color negative) film, like with enlargement paper, the resulting image is a NEGATIVE and would require scanning, contact printing, or enlarging to get a positive print. SLIDE (E-6) film results in a POSITIVE image that can be used as a final work. ALL of these materials can be scanned into a computer for editing / enlargement / digital printing.

It is always important to test your materials before a workshop or important project, so you know how your material needs to be utilized for the best chance of success. Legacypro Paint Can Pinhole Cameras are Made in USA.

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