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Kodak FlexiColor C-41 Final Rinse and Replenisher - Makes 50 Liters

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Mfg: Kodak

The Kodak FLEXICOLOR Final Rinse and Replenisher for C-41 features redeveloped surfactants to reduce deposits and drying marks on processed color negative films. As a result, both the processed film and the seasoned working tank solution will be cleaner, requiring less maintenance and less frequent dumping of working tanks. This final rinse solution contains no stabilizing agent, which subsequently allows labs to forgo formaldehyde training or do the associated record-keeping required by OSHA guidelines.

This single solution mix makes 50L of working solution.


  • Surfactants Reduce Drying Marks
  • Helps Maintain Clean Working Process
  • Contains No Stabilizing Agent
  • Single Solution Mix Makes 50L
Chemical Type Color Film C-41
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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