Arista-II Ortho Litho Film
8x10/50 sheets

Currently Unavailable
Arista-II Ortho Litho Film direct replacement for Arista APHS Premium Halftone Supreme Ortho Litho Film

Arista-II Ortho Litho Film has very similar in characteristics to the previous version (APHS) with a slight difference in speed and tonal range and will yield equivalent results for most applications. 

It is an excellent quality graphic arts film that is a replacement for Kodak Kodalith Type III Ortho Litho Film. When developed in standard A/B Lith film developer, this film will yield high contrast (black & white only). 

Develop in diluted form of standard B&W paper developer to obtain continuous tone results for use in creating enlarged negatives for contact printing.

Arista-II Ortho Litho Film is also used by many photographers for use in creating highlight masks for fine art printing and for creating enlarged negatives, in a two-step process, for contact printing and alternative processes.

Continuous-tone results can be achieved by using a dilute working solution of standard paper developer.  Dektol 1:7 or 1:9 is a popular dilution to achieve continuous tone results. Ethol LPD, Agfa Neutol, Clayton Extend Plus, Clayton P-20, Nacco Printol, or any of our Arista and Arista Premium Paper Developers  are also recommended. Your individual optimal dilution and developing time will vary based on your desired results.

Arista-II Ortho Litho Film must be used under red safelight darkroom conditions.

Base is .004 Polyester

Replaces Item #52083, Arista APHS Halftone Line Film
discontinued by the manufacturer

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