AMBER Tungsten Disposable Film Camera 800 35mm x 27 exp. With Flash

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AMBER Tungsten Disposable Film Camera (35mm x 27 exp.), is pre-loaded with AMBER 800 motion picture film. This pocket-sized camera provides a unique, moody color palette, depending on shooting conditions. The film is designed for tungsten light, but gives a cool blue result in daylight and flash photographs.

It is equipped with a flash so you can use it in any situation - just press the button on the front until the "flash ready light" turns red.


  • Single-use film camera
  • Kodak Vision 3 500T with the remjet layer removed
  • 27 Exposures
  • 800 ISO, Tungsten Balanced
  • C-41 Processing
  • Built-in Flash
  • 1 AA Alkaline Battery Included


EAN: 4897116930866
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