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Kodak Ektar H35N Half Frame 35mm Camera w/ 22mm Lens F/8 and Flash - Orange

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Mfg: Kodak

The Kodak Ektar H35N is an updated version of the ever so popular H35 model. It sparked a half-frame craze upon its launch and continuous to hold a special place among the film enthusiast for its film-saving charm.

The Kodak Ektar H35N features a built-in star filter, bulb function with a tripod hole and a coated partial glass lens. The H35N possesses three new highlights that are rarely found on other reusable film cameras. The star filter adds special effects when shooting illuminated objects, giving room for creating dreamy images. The bulb shutter and the tripod mount work together to support long exposure photography, another way to make use of the camera in content creation.

The Kodak H35N is available in six new colors, with either a stripe pattern or shiny metallic surface that enhances its aesthetic appeal, therefore making it perfect for various social occasions. The camera also features a refined viewfinder and rewind knob. With these new advancement and features, creating artsy images with the camera is no trouble!

Coated, Improved Lens

The H35N camera features a coated, improved optical lens. One element of acrylic lens is replaced by glass lens which helps improve the sharpness of the images

Bulb Function (Long Exposure)

With the bulb shutter and cable release, you can control the duration of shooting and capture the trail of moving objects. Long exposure function is usually applied at night. There is also an added tripod mount at the bottom of the camera to hold the camera steady.

Built-In Star Filter

The filter is used to create a four-beam flare on light spots. It is commonly used in shooting night illuminations, reflections on water surfaces and scenes with tiny light sources.


  • 35mm half frame (half the size of a regular 35mm frame)
  • Manual wind and rewind
  • 22mm F/8 coated 2-element lens with 1 glass lens and 1 aspherical acrylic lens
  • 1/100 shutter and bulb mode
  • Built in flash with additional star filer
  • Uses one AAA battery (not included)


EAN: 4897116931177
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