Film Washi "S" 50 ISO 120 - Re-purposed Specialty Film

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Launched in 2013 and based in Saint-Nazaire, France, Film Washi is the world’s smallest company to produce photographic materials. Specialized in handcrafted film making and industrial film conversion, Film Washi offers a wide range of unique and innovative films.

Film Washi's "Specialty Films" are coated by machines in other factories - but are not made for standard photography. They may have been designed for exposure through automatic machines, like motion picture sound or leader film, or even not intended for visible light, like X-ray films. Some of these films are designed for specific governmental or military uses, like surveillance films. However, these films can be hacked from their intended use - for artistic or fun purposes! That is why Film Washi converts them to standard formats to make them usable in classic cameras.

Film "S" is a film used by motion picture professionals for sound recording, which requires very fine grain and ultra high definition. This sharpness is achieved by a special anti-halation layer located between the film's base and the emulsion layer - its usually in back layer for ordinary films. Film Washi has rated this film at 50 ISO. This special coating run for 120 size film is VERY limited.

"S" is recommended, when you want to combine almost no grain with very high contrast.


  • PANCHROMATIC BLACK & WHITE SOUND RECORDING FILM (re-purposed for still cameras)
  • 120 size film - for medium format cameras
  • 50 ISO
  • Grain: fine
  • Contrast: very strong
  • Base: polyester
  • Darkroom safe: total darkness
  • Loading: under shadow

Usage tips: 

  • This film is not completely red sensitive and it can affect the results of your pictures (sky can easily be overexposed).
  • Use diffuse light if you want to reduce contrast.
  • See Datasheet for processing information.

LAB PROCESSING WARNING: Due to the special nature of Film Washi products, some film processing labs may add additional handling charges. 

Film Size 120
Speed (ISO) 50 ISO
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