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Beseler CS-21 Digital/Photo and Video Copy Stand

  • $923.99
Mfg: Beseler
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The Beseler CS-21 Digital/Photo Copystand is great for still photographic, video or digital equipment. It has an upgraded couterbalance suitable for a carriage load of up to 16 lbs. 

Comes with a gray metal laminated wooden baseboard with magnetic hold down strips and a white overlay grid with a 22" x 28" work area.The Copystand emulates the rigid twin E-Channel center braced column so popular in the 45 V-XL enlarger chassis. A rack and pinion elevation system positions your still digital or video camera where it can be easily locked into position.

The 44″ column is securely mounted to a 22″x22″ baseboard and is suitable for camera weighing up to 16 pounds. The maximum recommended copy size is 20″x20″.

Copystand only, light arms and copylights not included.


UPC: 094653042111
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