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Foma Fomapan 100 ISO 35mm x 36 exp. - Pre-Spooled Reload Kit - Set of 6

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Mfg: Foma

Eco-friendly Bulk Loading the Easy Way!

This Pre-Spooled Reload Kit comes equipped with 6 pre-spooled rolls of 36 exp film. One of the rolls is supplied inside of a plastic reloadable cartridge, ready to use and clearly labeled. The other 5 rolls of film are rolled onto spools and kept inside plastic cans without a film cartridge. After shooting the first roll, you can re-use the cartridge provided or any other reloadable cartridge to load one of the other 5 spooled rolls into a cassette (in a dark bag or blackout room).

Fomapan 100 Creative is panchromatic sensitized, black and white negative film of the speed ISO 100. This film is characterized by high resolution, wide exposure latitude and fine grain.


  • Traditional black and white film
  • 100 ISO
  • Process in standard black and white chemicals
  • 35mm with 36 exposures
  • Non-DX Coded Cartridges, manually set the ISO on your camera


  • 5 rolls on a central spool without a cartridge
  • 1 roll on a spool with a multi-use/reloadable cartridge

**The rolls will need to be loaded in a changing bag or a completely blacked-out room.**


EAN: 8593346110233
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 36 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 100 ISO
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