Foma Fomatone 132 Classic VC FB Warmtone Matte 5x7/100 Sheets

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Mfg: Foma

Foma Bohemia Ltd. in the Czech Republic is a producer of photographic materials with long tradition, since 1921. Since September 1997, Foma has been confirmed with a certification with the international standard ISO 9001. Foma has been able to compete with the foreign market on photo materials because they focus on improvement of new technologies with an aim to develop materials for a new generation.

Fomatone 132 is a variable contrast, black and white photographic paper with warm image tone, preferably suitable for portrait photography and retro-style work. Its contrast can be varied in a large extent from extra soft up to ultra hard by using colour filters at exposure. The paper is manufactured using a special silver chlorobromide emulsion that gives the silver image a brown-green to warm-brown tone that can further be influenced by the type of developer used. The paper base involved is colored in compliance with the tone of the developed silver. This accentuates rich scale of warm halftones ranging from light cream up to saturated brown-to-green black ones. The special silver chlorobromide emulsion of this paper makes it an excellent paper for lith processes.


  • Traditional black and white paper
  • Fiber baryta base
  • Cream base warmtone paper
  • Excellent paper for lith processes
  • Develop in standard black and white chemicals


EAN: 8593346237206
Grade Variable Contrast (Multigrade)
Paper Base Tone Warmtone
Paper Size 5x7
Paper Surface Matte
Paper Type Fiber Based (FB)
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