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Rollei Inferno Ragazzi Rollei 35mm x 27 exp. - Disposable Camera - PAST DATE SPECIAL

Currently Unavailable
Mfg: Rollei

PAST DATE SPECIAL: Expired 8/23. Original price $22.99.

INFERNO RAGAZZI is not just a brand - it's a lifestyle!

For more than 10 years, the INFERNO RAGAZZI crew has been spreading their good vibes all over the world. It doesn't matter whether you're in Paris, New York, Hamburg, California, Bali, or elsewhere - there will always be someone to have a good time with.

Together with ROLLEI, iR is celebrating 10 years of good vibes with this recycleable black and white film camera... like in the good old days!

Capture moments you want to remember forever. Not with a smartphone! With a film camera! Create unique images shot on film, having the unmistakable look and feel of analog photography. Share your moments with @infernoragazzi & @rollei_analog on instagram.

The iR × Rollei disposable camera comes pre-loaded with the Rollei RPX 400 black and white film and allows you to capture these moments in 27 shots.


  • Disposable camera (lab recycleable)
  • 27 exposures 
  • Black and white film 
  • Includes camera strap
  • With flash 


EAN: 4024953840274
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