Gibellini 4x5 Lensboard - COPAL 0

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Gibellini Camera is located in Polinago, Italy. Gibellini’s high quality standards, attention to detail, and unique blend of new technology with traditional techniques are the reasons behind their success.

Gibellini 4x5 cameras require Gibellini Lensboards for use. 

Gibellini 4x5 Lensboard is designed to fit all of Gibellini's 4x5 cameras. They are available in COPAL sizes 0, 1, and 3.

Gibellini is also able to make custom lensboards on request, so you can use your favorite lens. Already have a lensboard? Adapters are available for Linhoff lensboards and adapters for other styles are available via special order. Please email to inquire.

COPAL 0, 1, and 3 pictured. This item is a single lensboard.


  • For use with Gibellini 4x5 Cameras
  • Made of PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid, starch derived).
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