Rollei Black Magic Variable Contrast Liquid Photo Emulsion - 1000 ml

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Mfg: Rollei

Photographic emulsion is a silver-based light sensitive material that can be applied to any surface, exposed by an enlarger and processing in conventional  black and white chemistry. It is virtually the same emulsion found on ordinary photographic paper but in a liquid form and can allow the emulsion to be coated on a wide range of surfaces.

Rollei Black Magic Variable Contrast Liquid Photo Emulsion is a high sensitivity and high silver content emulsion with rather short exposure times, even in large formats and maximum density is unusually high.

Rollei Black Magic 3 Variable Contrast Liquid Photo Emulsion RBM3 offers a contrast control variability and neutral tonality because of chlorine brome silver emulsion.


  • Liquid Photo Emulsion
  • Variable Contrast Emulsion

NOTE: Only use dark red light while working with light sensitive photo emulsion.

EAN: 4024953250349
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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