Arista Deluxe 35mm Film Retriever

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Mfg: Arista

Arista Deluxe Film Retriever

This 35mm film retriever/picker has been carefully designed to easily retrieve the end of film from inside a film cartridge.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Before inserting the film retriever, turn the film spool twice counter clockwise.
  2. Make sure that sliders A and B are in the start position. Place your film cartridge lip over the tips of the three cream colored sliders which are controlled by the A and B finger holds.
  3. While holding the film cartridge in place against the film retriever, move slider A all the way to the end. Keep slider B in the start position.
  4. While continuing to hold the cartridge against the film retriever, slowly turn the film spool counter clockwise paying close attention to the “clicks”. Stop immediately after the 4th click. Pro Tip: winding clockwise a half turn, at this stage, can make the leader easier to grab.
  5. Without moving the cartridge, move slider B all the way to the end.
  6. While holding the sliders in place, slowly but forcefully, separate the film cartridge from the film retriever. The end of the film should now be showing.

Repeat the process as necessary. It may take extra attempts to retrieve shorter rolls of film.



EAN: 8420233276003
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