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Flic Film Elektra 100 ISO 35mm x 36 exp. - Color Film

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The Flic Film Elektra 100 is a fine grained, medium speed, color negative film with excellent acuity and true color rendition. Elektra is KODAK Aerocolor IV* film, originally designed for aerial photography and reconnaissance, spooled into 35mm cartridges.

The T-Grain emulsion achieves enhanced sharpness and resolution and makes this film ideal for scanning. Elektra 100 also has 30nm-longer red sensitivity than previous aerial films for increased haze penetration and foliage reproduction, as well as increased green saturation and lower D-min values for fast printing times

Please Note: this film has a tendency to light pipe, eg. the light will travel up the leader and into the first three frames. Load the film in very low light conditions.


  • 35mm
  • 36 exposures
  • Color Negative Aerial
  • 100 ISO
  • Daylight balanced
  • C-41 processing
  • ESTAR base

*Kodak and Aerocolor IV are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.


UPC: 876578000908
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 36 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 100 ISO
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