Fotospeed Cyanotype Kit

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Cyanotye is an alternative process exposed by Ultra Violet/Sunlight through use of contact negatives to produce a blue image on art paper of your choice.

The Fotospeed Cyanotype Kit contains a cyanotype sensitizer that is a single working solution and is an updated version of the original process. This formula uses Ammonium Ferric Oxalate to give a good blue, which does not wash out and is twice as sensitive to UV as the traditional version. Development is in water. A citric acid solution can be used to manipulate contrast. All images are made by the contact system, where the image depends on a negative of the appropriate size or the placement of an object on the sensitized material.

The Fotospeed Cyanotype Kit contains:

  • Cyanotype Sensitiser (single solution)
  • Citric Acid
  • Foam Coating Brush
  • Measuring Syringe
  • 5 Sheets of Fabriano Paper
  • 5 Sheets of Digital Contact Film
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Full detailed information and instructions for use

Note: requires contact frame or plexiglass (not included)


  • Cyanotype is in a single solution using Ammonium Ferric Oxalate
  • Development in water and citric acid can be used to manipulate contrast


EAN: 5021636085105
Chemical Type Cyanotype
Liquid/Powder Powder
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