f295 Historic Process Laminated Reference Card for Kallitype

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f295 Historic Process Laminated Reference Cards are 8.5x11 inch photographic quick reference cards that are just the thing if you're looking to get started working with or trying out a historic process quickly and easily! To create these unique cards f295, an organization devoted to traditional and alternative photography, poured over countless historic and contemporary texts, stripped out all other extra information and distilled everything you need to know to get started for each process on a one, two-sided laminated card.

Each card is coated with a thin plastic laminate - which means you can have them right next to you while weighing and mixing chemistry or developing and fixing prints and the protective laminate layer and will shield them from accidents, splashes and stains. 

These well organized cards demystify the black art of photography's historic processes and enable you to quickly and efficiently begin making rich and beautiful photographs using centuries old, hands-on techniques. 

8.5x11 inch laminated card for Kallitype

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