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Arista UV Lightsource - 20x24 - Version II

Currently Unavailable
Mfg: Arista

Freestyle is proud to introduce the latest version of the Arista UV Lightsource...

The Arista UV Lightsource 20x24 Version II, for use in alternative photographic processes, is both affordable and sturdy enough to use in a school lab environment. The outside is made of light-weight aluminum and the unit's outside dimension is 25.5 in x 20.5 in x 7 in.

This custom manufactured light source contains eight, HIGH OUTPUT (HO), F-15 T-8 15 watt bulbs that run at a peak wavelength of 370nm and runs on 120v standard outlets and uses only 1.9A of power. The HO bulbs are able to shorten exposure times, compared to other UV lightsources. HO (more light) bulbs (item #262024900) or standard output (lower cost) bulbs (item #2620249) are available as replacements, but all bulbs in the unit should be the same type, for consistent exposure.

Among the many advantages of this unit over other models is that it stays cool for long exposures so there is no need to have noisy fans or venting space.  The bulbs feature very fast warm up time of about 1 minute to reach maximum light output and peak wavelength. For consistent exposures during long printing sessions, it is recommended to leave the unit on to preserve bulb life.

There is a push-button, on/off switch; a standard darkroom timer can be used with this unit, but it is not recommended due to bulb stress. This light source also features a velcro-attached, removable bottom panel with rubber feet to protect the work surface and protect the bulbs during storage. The removable bottom is also a white-coated aluminum alloy that provides a reflective surface that can increases exposure efficiency.

The Arista UV light source uses constant-torque hinges on the front for easy loading and unloading when the door is open and has a durable chrome handle for easy transportation.

This unit is ideal for almost any process you could do in sunlight, including Cyanotype, Platinum/Palladium, Photogenic Drawing, Salt Prints and more....

Made in USA!


  • Eight, HIGH OUTPUT (HO), F-15 T-8 bulbs, 370nm peak wavelength, 15 watts each
  • The bulbs are specially designed for a fast warm-up time of 1 minute for maximum light output and peak wavelength. (For best results we recommend leaving unit on for consistent exposure over the course of your printing session)
  • 60 inch power cord with standard three prong grounded plug for 120V standard outlet and uses 1.9A of power. Less power than other UV light sources.
  • The unit's outside dimension is 25.5 in x 20.5 in x 7" in
  • Interior will accommodate a frame with the outside maximum dimension of 20 in x 25 in x 2.5 in
  • Front, Lift-Up Easy Access Door - opening height is 3.5 in
  • Constant torque hinges on front (easy-access) door
  • Exterior chassis is made of light-weight aluminum
  • Durable chrome handle for easy transportation
  • Weight - 25 lbs.
  • Stays cool during long exposures
  • Silent Operation
  • No noisy fans, no need for venting space around unit
  • On/Off push button switch
  • Velcro attached removable bottom panel with rubber feet - for protection of sensitive surfaces and protects bulbs during storage
  • The removable bottom panel when removed completely, and the unit raised off the work surface, allows for larger contact frames to fit underneath it.

Arista UV Lightsource shown in some images with Ultimate Contact Frame II (#14171) for illustration purposes only.  It is NOT included.

The Arista UV light source is an intense ultraviolet light source and you should protect your eyes and skin from exposure.


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