Bellini RA-4 Paper Processing Kit 5 Liters

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Mfg: Bellini
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Bellini Foto has been operating in the field of photo chemistry since 1988. They want to preserve and pass on the precious experience of the analog world. Bellini is one of the only photo chemical companies that can say exclusively “Made in Italy”.

Bellini RA-4 Paper Processing Kit 5 Liters contains products to make 5 liters of Developer, 5 liters of Bleach Fix and 20 liters of Stabilizer.

  • It is made for the RA4 process at 35°C.
  • The capacity of this kit is 10 square meters (approx. 107 square feet) of RA4 photographic paper.




EAN: 8051597960026
Chemical Type Color Paper RA-4
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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