Jobo Duo Set 2 Adjustable Reel for 35mm and 120 Size for 2500 Series Tanks

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Mfg: Jobo

Jobo 2502 reels are adjustable for 35mm and 120 films for use in Jobo 2500 series tanks.

Loading the reel is done by sliding the film into the reel from  the outside. A unique recess in the upper and lower reel allows to grip the film-edges and easily push-pull it to the center core of the reel.

All reels come with a red film separating clip, which allows to securely process up to two 120 films in one reel or 1 roll of 35mm. After loading one film, the Duo-Clip is pressed back in position and separates the second film from sliding over the first one during loading and processing.

Jobo Duo Set 2 Reel Kit Contents:

  • 2 - 2502 Jobo Duo Set Adjustable Reels for 2500 Series Tanks
  • 3 - Duo Clips


  • Adjustable reel for processing of 1- 35mm or 2- 120 films (2 films of 120 fit on the 1501 reels using the red film separating clip to prevent overlapping. included)
EAN: 4022124017043
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