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ColorThink Pro v3 Color Analysis Software for Mac

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Mfg: Chromix

ColorThink Pro v3 is considered the top profile analysis and visualization tool in the world.

ColorThink is a complete tool set for managing, repairing, evaluating and graphing ICC profiles.There are many software tools available for building and editing ICC-compliant color profiles. There are, however, very few tools available for handling profiles once they have been built.

ColorThink Pro adds major features to the award-winning ColorThink software toolset. While most tools have been updated and enhanced, the biggest changes are the Color Worksheet, the ColorSmarts Guide and in the Graphing and Profile Inspector tools.Even with the addition of over 100 features there are fewer tools due to the revolutionary design of the Color Worksheet. The Worksheet simplifies image, color and profile evaluation while doing away with the profile linker and image inspector.


  • Organize profiles and simplify one’s system
  • Open any ICC-compliant profile and explore its color contents as well as its header fields and tag database
  • Perform comprehensive 16-point checks on all installed profiles and repair problems if possible
  • Modify both the internal and external profile names to clarify profile contents and purposes and how they appear in application menus
  • Graph profile gamuts and other color information in two and three dimensions
  • Open images and inspect, remove, and embed profiles
  • Create device link profiles
  • Slice profile gamuts for detailed gamut comparisons in the Grapher
  • Save graphs as Quicktime movies
  • Model workflows in the Color Worksheet showing images and individual colors as each profile processes them

System Requirements

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (tested up to 10.7 Lion)
  • 1GHz G4 or better suggested. PowerPC and Intel supported
  • 1GB RAM suggested


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technical ColorThink Pro v3
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