Fotokemika Efke B&W Positive Paper
RC Matt - 5x7/25 sheets

Currently Unavailable
A totally unique B&W paper product that yields a positive B&W image. Yes, you can use this paper in a large format camera or pinhole camera and shoot original photographs with no negative involved. The possibilities are endless!

Available in medium-weight RC Glossy or Matt paper as well as single-weight (140 gsm) fiber base matt surface paper.

Process in standard B&W paper developer.

Note: In order to control contrast you may have to use a greater dilution of developer such as Dektol 1:3 or 1:7.

Shoot in-camera at a speed rating of approximately ISO 1 - 6.

Note:  Paper is cut to exact size.  You may have to trim to fit in a large format cut film holder.

Use under red safelight conditions only!

This paper is the same paper sold in Europe as Kraus Silver Gelatine Reversal Paper.

EAN: 3850140085750
UPC: 614572222526
Paper Size 5x7
Paper Type Resin Coated (RC)
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