Fotokemika Varycon (KG) VC FB 11x14/10 sheets Glossy

Currently Unavailable
Fotokemika's Varycon Variable Contrast Fiber paper has a rich quality, reminiscent of classic B&W photographic papers of decades ago. Using very high silver content and single run coating methods, these papers yield very high quality results with very long tonal range.

Fotokemika's fiber-based papers are 320gsm in thickness and the emulsion contains about 2 grams per square meter of silver.

A standard red safelight must be used. OC safelights or a combination of red and OC safelights may result in fogging. Please do a safelight test for your own darkroom environment.

The K in the description means that the paper is Fiber Based (Baryta coated paper).
The G means that the surface is Glossy.

With no filter included, the Dmax is 1.90. Spectral sensitivity goes up to 570nm, with maximum sensitivity at 550nm. The ISO speed with no filter is P 100.

Compatible with both Ilford Mulitgrade and Fotokemika Varycon filters.

Made in Croatia
EAN: 3850140085828
Paper Size 11x14
Paper Surface Glossy
Paper Type Fiber Based (FB)
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