Moersch SE20C Catechol Paper Developer - 1 Liter

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Mfg: Moersch

Moersch SE20C CATECHOL is a strong but slow working developer, because the amount of restrainer is high and the amount of accelerator (phenidone) is low. One can use it as a single bath or as the first developer (always) followed by any other (normal or soft working) developer.

Product characteristics are about one grade harder than a normal developer - at the same amount of exposure as a normal developer would need. Tone is slightly warm depending on the paper. This means that with longer exposure times a full tonal range is possible, when one would use it as a single bath developer. As a 2 bath process (with exposure for the second developer) Catechol works slow, with high separation of the shadow zones (1-2 minutes). The upper mid tones and lights should be left for the second developer.

Dilution of Catechol 1+6 to 1+10 depending on dilution of the second developer. e.g. Catechol 1+6 second dev. 1+10 or Catechol 1+10 and second developer 1+15-20. If the second developer works too fast (45-90 secs are recommended) after Catechol, dilute the second one higher, or make Catechol stronger and expose shorter. With shorter exposure Catechol can just develop to the mid range. If the color of the shadows achieves too warm in combination with a cold tone developer, it is possible to make catechol cooler by adding 5-10ml Finisher Blue, but normally this should not be necessary.

If one adds Finisher Blue to SE6 Blue, one should do it with Catechol too.

EAN: 4260349890120
Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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