Kaiser FilmCopy Vario Kit

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Mfg: Kaiser

The Kaiser FilmCopy Vario Kit allows you to quickly and efficiently copy slides or transparencies and negatives without using a scanner. All you will need to supply is a digital camera or phone. Digitizing film is an easier process today with newer high megapixel digital cameras or quick capture and post using a phone . The Kaiser FilmCopy Vario kit is suitable for mounted 35mm slides or transparencies and film strips from 35mm to 6 cm x 9 cm (separate masks needed). The kit comes with the Kaisaer Slimlite Plano 8.5x11. 

The FilmCopy Vario Kit includes:

  • FilmCopy Vario device
  • Mask for 35mm mounted slides/transparencies (# 204489) 
  • Mask for 35mm film strip (# 204486)
  • Overlay mat for light source
  • Slimlite Plano 8.5x11 light panel (# 202453)


EAN: 4001072024587
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