20th Century Camera 13x18 Film Reel

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20th Century Camera 13x18 Film Reel. The new 20th Century Camera QL1318-JP 4 sheet 13x18 Quick Load film processing reel is specifically designed to work with  the same Paterson PTP-116 Multi Reel 3 that is used for 4x5,120 and 35mm film as well as the Jobo 1540 Multitank. 

All of the QL reels make developing large format sheet films simple, quick and easy. Its patent pending design produces even development, will not leave undeveloped areas on the edges of the film and works great for black and white film as well as C-41 and E6 color films.  The center retainer holds the film in the reel securely regardless of thickness, making them ideal for inversion, rotary or standard Paterson swizzle stick agitation.     


  • Uses only 950ml of chemistry  
  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • Holds 4 sheets of 13x18 film securely
  • For black and white and color film processing
  • Produces even development
  • Works with:
    • Paterson PTP-116 Multi Reel 3 or larger tanks
    • Jobo 1540 Multitank


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