Pictorico Premium Inkjet OHP Transparency Film TPU100 - 8.5x11/20 Sheets

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Pictorico's TPU100 OHP Transparency Film delivers crisp, easy-to-read text, brilliant, non-smear colors and water-resistant images that enhance your visual display. Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film is excellent for making digital negatives to  combine the current technologies with classic printing methods.

Note: Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film is not completely transparent. Premium OHP Transparency Film (TPU100) may appear to have a slight milkier appearance than older version such as TPK.  This does not affect print quality.

Some models of Hewlett Packard printer do not have a sensor to recognize the transparent film like this products. Please consult with your printer manual or printer manufacturer's tech support before the purchase.


  • Transparency Film for making digital negatives
  • 5.2 mil/133 micrometers
  • Recommended by Freestyle Advisory Board Member, Dan Burkholder for creating digital negatives for contact printing using Epson inkjet printers.


UPC: 642891350095
Double Sided No
Optical Brighteners without OBA
Paper Base Tone Clear
Paper Size 8.5x11
Paper Surface Glossy
Paper Type Polyester
Thickness 5-10 mil
brochure Pictorico
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