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Arches Oil Paper 300GSM Paper for Handcoloring - 22x30/10 Sheets

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Mfg: Arches
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Finally an art paper that you can use in your inkjet printer!

Arches Oil Paper is essential for any handcoloring or mix media artist looking to create unique works of art!

Archivally made of 100% cotton fibers, Arches Oil is a professional grade paper of the highest quality. Arches® papers are made on a cylinder mould and manufactured in the purest tradition at the same French mill since 1492.

Arches Oil paper is ready to use - no need to gesso; no preparation required - making printing and painting on Arches® Oil paper extremely convenient.  

Arches Oil paper features a unique and highly efficient oil barrier that absorbs water, solvents and binders evenly while allowing the paint and pigment to remain on the surface. Because this paper formula is designed specifically for oil, it protects fibers against oxidation and prevents bleed through and “halos” around the color.

Its remarkably durable surface allows a variety of coloring techniques from pencil sketching, fine oil color washes, and precise handcoloring to thick impasto layers and collage. In fact, artists are finding success with running this paper through their inkjet printer and using the image as a base for traditional handcoloring, or as a template for paint by numbers.

Arches Oil complies with ISO 9706 – the international standard for permanent paper. It is Acid free and has no optical brighteners, ensuring preservation over time without yellowing or deterioration. Its cold pressed surface with natural rough texture, offers a classic quality. Its weight extends a sense of opulence.  Contains no inkjet emulsion.

EAN: 3700417700681
Optical Brighteners without OBA
Paper Base Tone Natural/Cream
Paper Size 22x30
Paper Surface Matte
Paper Type 100% Cotton
Thickness 15 mil and up
Weight 300gsm and up
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